Engineers, a designer’s best friend

Why should you design with Engineers?

  1. It’s fun!! Engineers are fun. Designing with other people is fun. Why wouldn’t you rally together to with a large portion of your coworkers, especially when we’re so isolated during this global pandemic?
  2. Collaboration early on gives you & your designs a different perspective because you’re connecting with people who oftentimes approach problems from another starting point. And after-all, we test on folks who don’t think like designers, why would we only design with other designers?
  3. You can better understand the scope of potential solutions before you spend time diving into the weeds of something unfeasible.
  4. They suggest an idea that you were certain was out of scope
    They know the expansiveness of the codebase and their own capabilities within the time frame.
  5. Usability tests typically run smoother
    Now I can’t say this is true every time, but when I’ve sketched with engineers in the first phases of design, testing has always been a breeze and participants understand what’s happening almost immediately. My hypothesis is that because there is intentional diversity of thought in the sketching phase, I end up with a solution that has a more holistic representation of mental models baked in.
  6. Because you actually care about their input and experience building whatever you make, you’ve brought them along for the ride and they’re more invested in building the solution.

So how do I build these relationships?

  • Visual designer
  • UX designers/Product Designers/Interaction Designers
  • UX writers
  • Researchers
  • UX Engineers



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